pHeminista Application

We are looking for serious distributors who would like to be a part of a growing team that is disturbing a new innovative product. But, before you can become a full pHeminista we want to hear from you! We do have an application process as we tread lightly with who we allow the pHeminista title.

We are looking for women (and men) who are not only serious about ensuring the success of pHeminate, but also distributors that are motivated to succeed themselves as entrepreneurs. You are in control of your own destiny. And if we can help you succeed by providing you the tools to succeed, then you in turn help pHeminate succeed. It’s a win/win for both involved.

pHeminista Application Process

Step One

pHeminista’s are 1099 Independant Contractors. If you are selected to become a pHeminista we ask you below to provide a w9 form for tax purposes. You can find the w9 tax form here.

Fill out all of the blue fillable areas and save. The save button is located in the upper right hand corner. Please name your file by your first and last name so we can find you in the system.

Once your file is saved you can then print your form, sign it, scan the form and resave over your previously saved w9 PDF form. This is the one you will be submitting to become a pHeminista.

Step Two

Fill out the application below. This form is submitted directly to our CEO Gwen who will be reviewing all the new distributor applications. Please allow up to a week for the application review process.

Step Three

Once your application is approved, we will send you an pHeminista invite email along with instructions on how to order your selected plan.

Step Four

Once your plan has been processed, you will go through an orientation and onboarding process. This process can take up to a week as we set up your website and get things rolling for you on the back-end of the website. During the onboarding time, you can go through orientation. Don’t worry, we’ve made that process very fun and entertaining! 🙂


Please fill out the form below and be sure to read the application steps above.

Share a little information about yourself and why we should consider you as a future pHeminista.