Gwendolyn Manning

Gwendolyn Manning

Founder/CEO, Tri Heritage Solutions, Inc.

As a post-menopausal woman and the mother of 3 beautiful adult daughters, I’ve learned a thing or two about the ever-changing needs of the female body. Like nearly all young women, I dreaded the pain and discomfort I had to endure during my “time of the month.” Conversations with other women; my mother, sisters, and girlfriends would all reveal that the dilemma known as “PMS” was not only expected but even anticipated each month…like clockwork. But why? (I would ask myself as a young woman). Why was this monthly misery considered acceptable by so many women and why could nothing be done to change it? Luckily for me, my very resourceful mother would offer me the same remedy that I’m sure her mother had offered to her. Take two aspirin, apply a cold compress and eat a banana to make the pain more tolerable. Later in life came the over-the-counter remedies I’m sure most women are familiar with.

As I grew older and learned more about feminine hormones, I decided to drop the over-the-counter remedies and would just begin eating bananas and prepping an ice pack at the first signs of PMS. This early feminine experience marked my discovery of and love for natural healing methods to achieve symptomatic relief. As I continued to mature and develop, I realized (that) that early learning curve was the beginning of my quest to overcome a range of discomforts associated with my hormones. I’m talking nagging, uncomfortable symptoms that I, like most women, have had to endure from adolescence, into my child-birthing years and even now during my post-menopausal years.

Although my interest in women’s health began with my own body’s needs, it’s also been my years of working as a women’s health advocate and educator that helped pique my interest in learning more about the optimal benefits provided by natural herbal solutions to promote health and wellness. This is why years ago when I learned about the herbal superfood for women’s health called Labisia Pumila or “Kacip Fatimah” I was compelled to not only obtain its purest form for myself but to also share it with my friends and loved ones. After experiencing this potent herb, I created pHeminate to build upon the amazing health properties that have been used for centuries to sooth hormone-related discomforts experienced by women from all walks of life.

I’m very proud of how our supplements empower women of all ages to take back the management of their feminine health needs, to gain relief from pain and discomfort, to restore their vitality, to maintain freshness, to regain their livelihood and so much more. Above all, I’m excited that women will achieve these goals with an all-natural solution that I, my daughters, my family members, and friends absolutely love and one that I’m sure you will love too.

Gwendolyn is the President/CEO of Tri Heritage Solutions Inc., which is the distribution company for the pHeminate brand.