An All-Natural Feminine Hormone

The ultimate all-natural feminine hormone and vaginal pH balance solution has finally arrived.

Awaken Your Inner Goddess

Improve sexual function and libido while balancing stress and anxiety.

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Our all-natural herbal supplement pHeminate will help restore and maintain normal vaginal pH for a “healthy vaginal flora.”

What they are saying…

Since I’ve been taking pHeminate®, I feel much more energized and refreshed than I did before. I‘m also buying less and over-the-counter feminine hygiene products because with pHeminate® I no longer need them.


Anaheim, CA

For years, I suffered from PMS symptoms and tried everything from over-the-counter products to prescriptions to try to get relief but nothing ever worked for me. Every month, I suffered from horrible cramps, severe headaches, nausea, and very heavy bleeding. Some days I would be so weak, I could barely get out of bed. Six months ago, I started taking pHeminate® and what an improvement! I have no more monthly misery. I even shared pHeminate® with my sister who is now getting relief from the same symptoms. pHeminate® works like a miracle!


Long Beach, CA

Key Benefits


Energy and vitality throughout the body with cellular nourishment to improve physical, mental, emotional, and sexual health.


Feminine hormones to optimize feminine health throughout each stage of life from pubescence through post menopause.


Normal vaginal pH levels for a healthy vaginal ecosystem and lower risks of yeast and bacterial infections.

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