Become a pHeminista!

We are looking for women of all ages who want to earn a living selling pHeminate and Goddess products.

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If you succeed, we succeed!

That’s right, ladies! We will do everything in our power to empower and support YOU in your selling efforts. That’s why we are offering a package that will jump-start your selling and put you in the driver seat of your success!

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Becoming a pHeminate
Distributor has its PERKS!

Wholesale Discount Pricing

We listed this as the #1 benefit of becoming a pHeminista because the wholesale pricing you will receive will instantly set you up for success and this alone is a priceless benefit.

Turnkey Website 

Login to your WordPress website running WooCommerce shopping cart. Choose between three different stylish pHeminate themes. You can also customize each theme with your own personal tweaks and customizations.

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WooCommerce Shopping Cart

WooCommerce is a completely customizable ecommerce shopping cart plugin for WordPress. Just set your retail prices and you will be well on your way to start selling pHeminate products.

Affiliate Manager

Your monthly membership will also include an Affiliate Management system. Create your very own MLM system with pHeminate products and pay your affiliates how you see fit. You’re in control!

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Back Office Marketing Hub

You will also have access to the pHeminista Back Office Marketing Hub. Here you are free to download more pHeminate themes, various marketing banners, add on business cards, postcards, letterhead, sell sheets, and
even sales invoices.

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Blog with
Social Sharing

Having a blog is great for SEO and marketing your pHeminate products. Use the Monarch Social Sharing plugin to share your blog posts to all your social media accounts.

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pHeminista Membership Extras

Member Profile Page

Share a little information about yourself. Describe how you started with pHeminate and share your results with other pHeminista’s!

Membership Card

As a member you have the option of printing out a pHeminista Membership Card.

Connect With Others

Connect and become friends with other pHeminista Distributors. Share ideas and networking secrets that will help you succeed in your pHeminate business.