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Become a loyal customer !

We are looking for women of all ages who want to earn a living selling pHeminate and Goddess products.
If you succeed, we succeed!

That’s right, ladies, and gentlemen! We will do everything in our power to empower and support YOU in your selling efforts. That’s why we are offering a package that will jump-start your selling and put you in the driver seat of your success!

Becoming a pHeminista Distributor has its PERKS!
Become a Loyal Customer.

The first step to become a pHeminista, is to become a loyal customer for 6 months and maintain a minimum monthly subscription purchase of a 10 pack of either pHeminate, or Goddess. Joining as a loyal customer is free and, you will receive a 10% discount on your monthly subscription products.

After 6 months, you will be invited to apply to become a pHeminista distributor and receive even more perks.

You’re Invited!

We will send you’re invitation via email you provided when you joined as a Loyal Customer. There will be a letter from our CEO, Gwen Manning, inviting you personally, as well as a brief application form.

The application process takes about a week. We are looking for women and men who are serious about creating a profitable business for themselves. Your success depends on your willingness to sell. We have set up a system that will help you in that process.

Subscription Plans to Fit Your Budget
We know that everyone’s budget is different and that’s why we designed our subscription plans with that in mind. They range from monthly to annually.
Product Bundles

Each of our pHeminista subscription plans come with bundled products. Each plan will give you a different amount of product each time you’re billed. If you happen to run out or product, you can enter your pHeminista eSuite and order more product with your 10% Loyal Cutomer discount.

Marketing Bundles

Part of your subscription depending on your choosen plan, will include professionally printed postcards and brochures you can use to boost your sales!

Distributor Link & Commission

Part of your subscription include your very own distributor link that you can send to your customers. This link is tracked by our system which you will earn a commission based on the amount of sales you have made.

This commission can range from 10% to 25% depending on the subscription plan you chose. You will aslo be able to track this commission within your pHeminista eSuite.

pHeminista eSuite
Where the magic happens!
Gain Access To:
  • • Sales Commissions
  • • Commission Tracking
  • • Marketing Banners & Videos
  • • Social Media Content
  • • Stock Photos
  • • Sales Scripts
  • • pHeminista Membership Card
  • • Order Brochures & Postcards